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My passion for Imperfection

Let me start by saying that if you put me in a room full of kale salad or lava cake; it is not a sure bet that I’d pick the kale salad. Oh sure, I’d love to sit here and tell you that I’m an evolved health coach and I’m #teamkale all the way, but that would be a huge lie. I love chocolate, I will ALWAYS love chocolate and sometimes I eat super unhealthy chocolatey delicious things! Yup, its true. My name is Mallory Simmons..and I am an imperfect completley human health coach.

Ever since I was 10, yes F***** 10 YEARS OLD!  I have been on this yo you diet bullshit cycle. I was dying to look like the girls on magazine covers. I would tell myself “when I look like that, I’ll be happy and I’ll matter”

I’d skip dinner, I’d binge on cookies.

I’d skip food for a week.

I ‘d eat all the burgers I could get my hands on.

This  cycle would repeat for YEARS!

Always in the pursuit of perfection. I needed the perfect body to matter, I needed BE perfect and then I would never be anxious again.

It was not until recently that I truly figured out what was going on. This pursuit of perfection was not only a lie- it was going to kill me eventually. Trying to be perfect is complete crap and it was making me miserable. And no doubt, it’s making you miserable too.

Here is the reality: the girls on the magazine covers are horribly photo shopped and Jennifer Lopez has a strict and quite frankly-insane regimen I don’t have the capacity for –at that point in my life. AND yo yo dieting/hating my body was never going to get me there. (photoshop may help but I’m not that savvy with technology)

Learning to embrace eating well because its what gave me the most energy, and made me feel really good in my skin was the difference between eating a salad loaded up with tasty proteins and carbs to feel satisfied. Or eating a boring salad then later binging on pizza and feeling horrible in my skin and zero energy and LOADS of self hatred and anxiety.

There is a massive difference in how you show up in the world when you are in the pursuit of perfection and when you are on an ever evolving journey to better yourself. I have abandoned the need to be perfect and embraced a journey to consistently evaluate how I show up for myself in the world and adjust accordingly.

  1. When in the pursuit of perfection you will hate yourself for every mis- step you take. You will beat yourself up for “failing” yet again. i.e “Today was a really hard day, I failed at sticking to my diet by having those chips at lunch, screw it I’m getting pizza and ice cream on the way home, I’ll be better tomorrow”
  2. When you are on a journey of evolving yourself for the better “Today was stressful and I could have handled it better, I am going to go home and go for a walk to unwind and then maybe have a scoop of ice cream after dinner.

The first scenario will send you into an anxiety, carb ridden downward spiral. You will gain weight and you will lose whatever progress you’ve made. This was me for several years and it felt HORRIBLE.

The second scenario allows you wiggle room to be human, to be present with your stress and learn from it instead of just shutting it out in order to eat whatever you want and worry about the rest tomorrow.

I will never have a perfect body and I will likely continually struggle with anxious thoughts in some facet throughout my life. I am, after all completely human and perfection is not the name of the game. Progress, self love and compassion is.  I still have times when my decisions still look more like scenario number 1 vs scenario number 2 and thats okay. I wake up the next morning and workout/get back to work on making myself better. I don’t beat myself up anymore for my imperfections and you shouldn’t either.

I challenge you to embrace your human nature, embrace your quirks  and challenges. We all have them and its what makes us all chaotically beautiful little humans in this massive universe we call home.


What if you approached your relationship with food and the world with more compassion?

What if you were more kind to yourself and LOVED your body and the food you put in it?

What if you embraced being on a journey of continually letting go and evolving into a better but still IMPERFECT version of yourself?


Give it a try and please email me to let me know your experience!

Receive My Best Weekly Health Tips, Recipes, and More!
Every week I send my subscribers a newsletter where I share one tried and tested Health Tip that you can use immediately to improve your health. Click "Subscribe!" to Join Now!