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" Helping women get the hidden limiting beliefs out of their heads so they can realize how powerful they are"


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Welcome to my page!

I am a mastery trained health coach with a passion for helping women get past their hidden limiting beliefs in order to realize how powerful and unstoppable you truly are!

The reason this is so important to me is because I have spent YEARS hating myself, and just assuming that was supposed to be my experience. This looked like a lot of painful dieting (starting at age 10!) If I was not dieting I was eating anything and everything I could get my hands on. I vividly remember eating entire pints of ben and jerry's in college when I was stressed out...or if it was Tuesday sometimes. (The Freshmen 15 had nothing on me)

My journey toward lasting health and transformation began in 2015 when I discovered the Paleo Diet (seemingly another fad) and HIIT training. The combination of learning about real food and falling in love with a workout that REQUIRED me to eat food to maintain my muscle--this got me off of the dieting roller coaster.

My journey has led to me study health coaching and the science behind human behavior. Why do we eat the way we do in this country? Why do we tell ourselves we will  "do better" but always...always fall back into old patterns.

Now I stand here, the strongest and most confident I've ever been. I understand what was stopping me before and I've done the hard work to get past it. NOW I have the honor and privilege of helping other strong, badass women do the same for themselves.

Just because we may have been told to sit down and be quiet does not mean that we have to be, and just because we are told to diet and be small...definitely does not mean we should.

Let's be loud, bold and above all REALLY HEALTHY AND HAPPY IN OUR SKIN.  Not for anyone else, but for ourselves.


Mallory has been the biggest supporter in my journey! Every week I have a conversation with her that makes me realize how important my health really is to me. I started the coaching for weight loss and I have lost 13 lbs in 5 weeks so far which is amazing! However, with my conversations with Mallory she has helped me realize it's not about the weight anymore, it's truly about how I treat myself that has been the biggest eye opener the weight loss is just an incredible plus! I never realized how much I just didnt care about myself and she helped me realize how much i am truly worth! You should really do this journey with her, i couldn't be doing this with out her support I have tried and tried.-Savanah Blackburn

If you are thinking about transforming your life, you can do it. Coach Mal inspires me to be the best version of myself every day. She has so much insight about healthy habits--she gives practical tips and advice through personal experience and the knowledge she’s learned. My experience to help me get through my personal struggles and learn to use positive self-talk has been so helpful. She makes wanting to choose a healthy life fun and exciting, and reminds me that I am worth it.
Coach Mal meets clients where they are at, discussing their goals and helping to achieve them. She has a passion for health coaching and it shows in her love for wanting to help others realize their greatest potential.
I’m so proud of Coach Mal, of what she does for me and her other clients. Thank you, Coach Mal, for motivating me to see the courage I have in myself to choose the life that I want to live.-Rachel Dickinson



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